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123Movies is a free movie streaming service where anybody can watch pictures, TV episodes, and miniseries online without creating an account or dealing with advertisements. Anybody, regardless of genre, may always watch movies online on our 123Movies platform. 123Movies has several amazing features that make it appealing to watch movies on it. Anyone who has not visited the 123Movies website should do so in order to experience how fantastic it is. Without registration, you may use our 123Movies site to stream and download films, TV episodes, and series for free.

This portal is all about streaming and downloading your favorite movies, TV shows, and series. You don't have to pay a single penny either to use or to download anything from our website. There are countless 123 Movies streaming websites available out there but not all of them are safe. You must be cautious while using free streaming sites like 123Movies because some of them are created to steal the personal information of the users. Unlike those, our free movie streaming sites are created by movie lovers themselves so you can expect better video quality and features than them. Do not worry about anything and start using our 123Movies3 streaming website today.

What Is 123Movies

123Movies is basically a streaming platform where you can watch the most recently launched movies, TV shows, and series. Hundreds of movies, episodes, series, and shows are available for free online streaming through the 123 Movies website. Our 123Movies chain consists of around 12 web pages, however, this figure may fluctuate. The newly released shows, series, and movies are available directly on our 123 Movies website, and you do not need to signup or log in to view them. Since our website provides a diverse selection of content, it has grown in popularity as a broadcasting service throughout the world. Millions of people regularly use this 123Movies website for online video streaming, and if you have not explored it yet, you should.

Why You Choose 123Movies Over Others?

Thousands of Video-On Demand For Online Streaming

123Movies has a massive library of TV shows, series, and movies. On 123 Movies, users may watch international, national, as well as local blockbusters and less prominent films that have had less success. The majority of TV shows are free to watch, however, they are supported by commercials to help pay for our distribution. We have content of almost all genres and languages, so it doesn't matter where you are from and what type of content you are interested in, you can always use our 123 Movies streaming website to watch/download that without paying anything.

Stream or Download: The Choice Is Yours

Currently, there are dozens of video streaming and subscription platforms, such as the 123Movies website, are accessible on the internet. Numerous new websites with identical titles and URLs are being established each day as the need for free streaming sites like 123Movies is growing. Irrespective of the content you are searching for, you can use our website to stream or download it. Some streaming sites like 123Movies offer only streaming while they charge for downloading. Our safe 123Movies website is not like that as we offer both streaming and downloading functions here and that too for free. So, don't wait more and use our 123Movies website and share it with your friends too.

Geo-Location Content Availability

Our 123Movies website has got a slick and user-friendly layout that makes it superior to similar streaming services. You'll be able to view the most recent movies in addition to weekly new TV shows and miniseries episode listings that are continually updated. Whether you're looking for movies and series to stream or download, 123Movies will not let you be disappointed. For the same content, you'll be given numerous streaming servers from which you can choose one based on your preferences. The best thing here is that you can always switch to a different server if one is down.

Stay Away From Fake 123Movies Websites

Because everyone likes freebies, publishers take benefit of this by duping visitors into visiting fraudulent video portals that look like 123Movies. To be secure, always check our URL and, if possible, consider bookmarking our website so you can visit it anytime you want.   We may ask users to validate their presence at some time, and this is done solely to prevent spammers off our website. We will never spam your email or ask you to re-verify yourself as this is a one-time process and it is necessary. If you are having trouble streaming movies, episodes, or series on this platform, please contact us for assistance.

Navigate and Search Movies, TV Shows & Series Easily

Our 123Movies website is designed in such a way that everyone can use it without any difficulties. You only need to make a couple of taps, and the streaming will be on your monitor immediately. If this is your first visit to our unblocked 123Movies website, you may require assistance. You only need to go to the home screen of our website and select any video you wish to see. You'll be directed to the picture, episode, or program page, where you may begin your stream by selecting one of the available sources. Wait a few moments for our 123Movies website to interact with the broadcasting providers and provide the stream to you. When you're finished, you can stop, download, or share the video with others.

No Need To Submit Personal Information

Because we are only available via the above-mentioned URL, you must not download any software or tools in order to use the official 123Movies website. A lot of the streaming portals are created to gather visitors information and you must be cautious with them. A simple search on the internet will get you a list of hundreds of free streaming sites like 123Movies but not all of them are safe. We never ask users to sign-up or register on our website, so you must visit this website by typing its URL in the address bar instead of searching on the internet. You can keep yourself and your device safe by using our free movie streaming website, 123Movies.

How To Use Our 123Movies Streaming Website

Using our 123Movies website is easier than other similar streaming services. You don't have to look here and there for the content as everything is visible right on the home page. As we have said above, we have created this website by keeping the navigation in mind. The theme and options are easily visible and you can use them to browse for the content for streaming. If you still want help, you can follow the steps mentioned below to begin streaming or downloading content from our new 123Movies website.

  • Firstly, go to our 123Movies website's main page.
  • Use the lookup function or the navigation bar to locate movies, episodes, or series that interest you.
  • You may also go to the main page and select any of the titles.
  • On the content page, you have clicked on, hit the Stream In HD option.
  • Hit the Download In HD option if you wish to download the content instead of streaming.
  • You can additionally watch the official trailer for that show or movie by clicking on the Trailer icon.
  • While waiting for the media player to stream your content, you may be prompted to authenticate your identity.
  • Simply fill out the form with your accurate details, and the video will begin playing.

Is 123Movies Safe For Online Movies/TV Streaming?

It is perfectly safe to access the 123Movies website, unless if you are utilizing one of their proxy services. Facing advertisements will likely be the greatest challenge you face when viewing. There is no way the new 123 Movie website violates any of the policies, therefore you are free to enjoy it. The site is perfectly secure for storing and watching media online. As a result, users may be routed to 3rd party services to view streaming content since the 123Movies service does not host the content itself. We all are already aware of the fact that nation and region-specific piracy laws differ, so it's always better to remain alert and avoid using 123Movies proxy services.

FAQs Related To 123Movies New Site

Is It Legal To Watch Movies On 123Movies?

The legitimacy of movie streaming sites like 123Movie is determined by your present location. In terms of anti-piracy, and copyright infringement, every nation maintains its unique national legislation. To safeguard their business, firms like 123Movies and also Netflix use anti-VPN technology like geo-restrictions. That is why we only offer content that is available in the public domain and is legal for online streaming and downloading. You might not find some content on our website and that is because of copyright laws.

Is 123Movies Also Available As An App?

Our 123Movies website is available only as a website right now and we don't offer our services as an app. You must be cautious with apps named 123Movies as they can get your device hacked. Absolutely, if you install the 123Movies app APK or file, your device might get infected. Although our 123Movies website itself does not contain malicious code, this does not prevent hackers from making an app that looks exactly like our website. Having that in consideration, the answer to the question of whether 123Movies is available for iPhone and Android as an app is a resounding no.

Streaming On Our 123Movies Website Not Working?

Sometimes, server issues cause this problem and we are aware of it. Many users reported that they are not able to start the stream of the content and the loop continues. Currently, there's no specific fix available for this problem but you can try a couple of ways to see if there's something other than our 123Movies servers that are causing the issue.

  1. Reconnect your device to the internet.
  2. Clear your web browser cache and data.
  3. Visit the 123Movies home page and search for the content.
  4. Close and open our website again in a different browser.
  5. Use browsers like - Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox.

Can I Stream Content On 123Movies With Subtitles?

Since we have content of many countries and languages on our website, we offer subtitles too. You can enable or disable the subtitles right from the video player with a single click. Do remember that subtitles are available only for a few contents and not for every movie, show, or series. We try to update subtitles every day but it takes a lot of time and effort in doing so. If you are not able to find subtitles of a movie, you can visit the request page on our website to let us know about the issue. We will try to add subtitles for that content on a priority basis.

Does 123Movies Offer Content In Different Video Formats?

Yes, 123Movies new website has content in different video quality. Our visitors use different networks and devices, so it is necessary to keep everyone satisfied. You can switch between the video quality and the media player. Remember that we do not offer video quality selection in the download process, so the downloads will be done only in regular video quality. Also, the 4K and 1080p video quality are not available for every movie right now as the latest released movies and rarely available content does not have proper resources to render.

Final Words

Our 123Movies website is better than other free streaming movie sites and you must consider using this website over others. We have told you everything about our website and we hope you are able to use it without any assistance. Since there are many websites with a similar name and domain available out there, don't get confused among them and consider using our 123Movies website only. If you are facing any issues in using our website or you want to request an upload, then you can visit our contact us page to submit your feedback. We will be happy to hear from you and make our new 123Movies website the best free movie streaming website in the world.